Mission of the CSC Academy

CSC Academy is a publicly invested learning institution that provides access to professional learning for learners of diverse backgrounds and educational needs. The Academy will foster the capability and development of the learners through a rigorous (yet paced at the learner's pace of comprehension), positive, and transformative educational experience driven by the extensive use of Information and Communication Technologies. The Academy is further committed to teaching, delivering of specialised courses/ training programmes en masse and ensuring ubiquitous reach of training services and community development programmes including social justice (health, housing, education, financial services, etc.), leadership, communication skills and promotion of entrepreneurship among the rural masses in India.

The goals of the CSC Academy is to provide skill based training to the VLEs and masses in rural India so that they can

  • Increase learners' income.
  • Show the way for expanding the business to new products and services.
  • Increase markets and reach new customers.
  • Improve existing business from a small enterprise to make them big employer, creating new jobs.
  • Desire to acquire additional academic qualifications and fulfil their personal learning goals and further the learning goals of the community, they strive to become facilitators imparting career oriented education.

Vision of the CSC Academy

The CSC Academy will be known for its innovations in the application of multi-media learning tools for teaching, research, and knowledge mobilization and outreach for rural learners on supporting and promoting digital entrepreneurship and financial inclusion. It will be known as a premier institution promoting ethical leadership, entrepreneurship and social inclusion as its fundamental principles. The engagement, education and outreach to the learners will enable the community by transforming the lives locally, while preparing opportunity for growth for each of the learner, as per their own goals.

Core Values Demonstration

The learners, who will become part of the CSC Academy fraternity, will embrace the following core values, as reflected by the CSC Academy:

  • Foster open learning (Sharing new ideas and innovation in classrooms).
  • Promote and support lifelong learning (continuous development).
  • Support intellectual development (credit transfers to Open Universities in future for obtaining degrees/ diplomas, etc).
  • Promote creative thinking for innovations (participation in competitions).
  • Make responsible choices and actions (anti-piracy, data protection, etc).
  • Displaying personal and professional integrity (anti-plagiarism).
  • Demonstrate academic excellence (quality assurance, timely submission of assessments and project work).
  • Respecting dignity and talent of all learners (recognizing diversity of learners and their abilities, safe plural learning environment).
  • Provide inclusive opportunity (accessible and diverse).
  • Promote leadership, service, social justice, entrepreneurship.
  • Take pride in self and community (language, self-esteem, empowerment, with knowledge).
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