The importance of school education lies in the fact that the children of today will become adult citizens of tomorrow. The growth and future of our country highly depends upon the quality of the present school education system.

To strengthen the Indian Education System, an educational policy was adopted by the Indian Parliament in 1968. Education was made an important and integral part of the national development efforts. Our Government assumed full responsibility for the proper education of the children and adults. Hence, right to primary education or elementary education is now a fundamental right in India. Quality Education is the right of each and every student.

The school education in India today has roughly three divisions:

  • The Primary education,
  • The Secondary education and
  • The Higher Secondary education.

Primary education helps in the development of analytical skills, character and overall personality in a child. Secondary education is the fulcrum or central point of a nation's education system. With regard to the pattern of secondary education experiments have been going on since Independence. The 10+2+3 system of education which was recommended by Kothari Commission of 1966, followed by the recommendations of the National Policy on Education (NPE) 1968 and subsequently in 1986, attempts are being made to adopt a common structure of schooling across the country. The general pattern adopted at the national level, commonly known as the 10+2+3 pattern is now being implemented in almost all the States and Union Territories of India. The Higher Secondary functions at three levels: the State-level, the CBSE and the ICSE.

Role of CSC Academy in School Education:

CSC Academy has provided the platform for school education by facilitating the filling the admission and examination form of NIOS.

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